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Gothenburg will be a forerunner in environmental and urban development and one of the world’s most progressive cities when it comes to addressing climate and environmental problems. is Gothenburg’s official guide for visitors and events. Visitors to the website can find information on hotels, restaurants, activities, sights to see and current events.
A growing Gothenburg creates many possibilities for both the city and the region.
The top prize was in November 24th 2016 awarded to the district of West Hisingen in the city of Gothenburg. The project supports the city district’s reputation as a hub of opportunities and entrepreneurship. It is divided into three parts: Entrepreneurship in education; Start your business, a course for newly arrived refugees with a business background in their home country; and Develop your business, a comprehensive business training programme.
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Find out more about how we work on developing Gothenburg economically, socially and environmentally.
The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic region with 11,000 visits by vessels each year.
Gothenburg is an open, multicultural and growing city.
Gothenburg Culture Festival is held August 15-20 and is one of Scandinavia’s biggest culture festivals with over 1,5 million visits. The programme consists of over 1 000 things to do, see and listen to. Opera, art, music, carnival, theatre, literature and films. As well as food, local bands and superstars. Open to everyone and totally free.
The World Wildlife Fund WWF recently appointed Gothenburg to National Earth Hour Capital 2015. Gothenburg can now proudly continue the transition to a fossil free city!
Gothenburg is a city that has always been ‘open to the world’.
City of Gothenburg European Office (GEO) is representing Gothenburg and its key stakeholders in Brussels.
International contacts, new influences and new people are, and always have been, a strength for Gothenburg.
Gothenburg is a port city with a strategic location between Oslo and Copenhagen.