Welcome to the City of Gothenburg website. Here you can find information about the range of services and activities available in the city.


Under Library you will find information about the City's libraries and mobile libraries. There are libraries in the different city districts and a main City Library at Götaplatsen.

On the website, there is information that will help you to purchase, build or renovate a property in Gothenburg. You will also find information about how you can receive help to adapt your home and apply for what is known as a home adaptation grant. You will also find answers to any questions you may have regarding your home, the area in which you live or water and sewage.

On the website, you will find all the services and opportunities offered by the City of Gothenburg related to education – from preschool to primary school, secondary school, high school, and adult education college as well as Swedish for immigrants.


Under Work, you will find job vacancies at the City of Gothenburg. There is also information about holiday cover, holiday work for students, work experience placements, trainee positions and staffing pools.

Under City Authority and politics, you can find out about the City Authority organisation, how local politics work and how, as a citizen, you can influence decisions. The City of Gothenburg is responsible for the majority of community services in your area. The most important areas are preschool and school, social services and care of the elderly.

On the website there is information for people who want to exercise, meet other people, sing, dance or learn to play an instrument, join an association or see other people sing and dance.

Under Environment and climate, you will find information about the environmental situation in Gothenburg. You can see what the city is doing to improve the environment and find tips on what you can do personally.

On the website you will find information about the social support that the city provides. Everyone who lives in the city can apply for help and here you will find information about what you should do. The City of Gothenburg has various forms of support for many different groups.

On the website you will find information about different ways of making your way around the city by bus, tram, bicycle or car or on foot. There is also information about how the city maintains its streets and squares and your duties and responsibilities as a property owner.

Under Company owners, there is information for those who already run a business or a company in Gothenburg or who wish to start one. If you feel that you need assistance to start up a business or become established, help is available – from general guidance to finding vacant premises or land.